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Betting bad football teams a disaster again in 2020


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Been skiing so much I’m behind on reviewing stats, but one stat was true as it has been for 30 straight years--there is a direct correlation between a team's straight up record and how they perform ATS. College football teams who cannot win games SU always finish below .500 ATS. You are competing against a mathematical certainty,

I thought the covid year might be different, but the percentages were identical to what they are every season

Nine of the ten best teams ATS in 2020 were above .500 SU and the tenth, Arkansas was only a “losing” team because they were in the SEC. Lot of good handicappers on this board knew they were a damn good team and were on them week after week

Ten worst ATS were all under .500 SU

Ten best ATS all at least three games over ,500 SU
Ten worst ATS all at least three under ,500 SU

Of the 20 best ATS, 19 were in the black SU
Of the 20 worst ATS, 19 were in the red SU

Teams in the middle ATS were in the middle SU

Even better, the probability of winning increases as you move up the scale, the chance of losing increases as you move down

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