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SDQL Badass Stat Boss
Lemme say I just can't understand we have the HW GOAT and every time out he's the dog???

Got down early on Stipre this morning

  • 1005 Miocic wins inside distance +225
  • 1007 Miocic wins by 5 round decision +425
I bet it like this because it gives me an effective +147 on Stipe to win instead of +125. I do realize I can get fucked with a draw or no contest but I still love this option.

Stipe is the Ultimate Blockheard,,,he's just the dude that comes along every generation or 2 that has an absolute rock chin...along with great wrestling, good stand up and top notch fight IQ. I really fail to understand why this dude gets no respect and is mostly always the dog. He's lost once in 78 months and that was to a future Hall of Famer who btw he avenged...twice!



SDQL Badass Stat Boss

Card looks fairly easy and pretty average sans the main


I'm up a bit so far with an up and down year.

My 2021 record so far...



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
random leans and shit...
  • Vicente Luque -3½ points -130 ...Tyron Woodley, on the cusp of dropping his sixteenth round straight, is still a difficult man to write off. The biggest issue has been Woodley’s gun-shy approach to his last three fights, unwilling to throw despite bleeding rounds on the scorecards. It can’t be that the former champion is unable to make the necessary reads, as his eye and timing for a counter shot has always been impeccable. Whatever the reason, Woodley still possesses a stellar chin, thunderous right hand, and powerful wrestling that can catch Luque during his extended combinations. Despite all the stylistic advantages in the world, if Woodley refuses to throw, he isn’t going to win against an opponent who will continually wade forward and drown his opposition in volume. If Woodley is to be stopped by Luque, there is little reason to keep the ex-champ around. Although this is quite a step down in competition for T-Wood(Colby/Usman/Burns) I still question his desire. Rumors have him going through a rough divorse and somewhat cash strapped, so his motivation may not be in the right place.
  • Sean O'Malley KO -105 in R1 +200 or R2 +350 ...As much as it hurts to say, Almeida looked washed up against Jonathan Martinez last time out. Sure, the fight was at Featherweight, but Almeida looked lost against a fighter whose only disengage tool was a teep kick. With a style based around relentless, forward aggression, Almeida will regularly offer O’Malley opportunities to crack him hard with counters. While Almeida’s athletic talents and explosive volume remain a threat, if the fight does turn into a dog fight, O’Malley’s one-punch knockout power will trump the Brazilian. Sugga just to much standup talent even if he's a dick
  • Miranda Maverick decision +130 ...I adore Robertson’s continued development into a well-rounded fighter, but her off-the-back submissions will struggle to come by against the dominating top control of Maverick. While neither woman has crisp striking, Maverick’s inside work is more effective, and will eventually allow her to take this to the mat. Robertson has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat many times before, but Maverick’s top control has so far appeared impregnable.
  • Khama Worthy ITD +160 ...Neither will be climbing the rankings much, but Worthy has a clear physical advantage that will regularly beat Mullarkey to the punch. While the Aussie is a tight, compact operator who doesn’t offer many opportunities in the way of mistakes, Worthy’s body kicks will eventually force Mullarkey into action and onto Worthy’s explosive boxing combinations. Mullarkey could easily grind out a decision on the ground, but he has shown a vulnerability to being dragged into wars on the feet to his detriment.
  • Alonzo Menifeld Round 1 +135 ...Cherant is a big boy at 205, but he struggles to make early reads on opponents. Menifeld seemed to have made strides in ironing out his pacing issues against OSP, and his knockout power has never been in question. Menifeld won’t struggle too much pushing Cherant back against the cage from where he should find the finishing blow....early on
  • Abubakar Nurmagomedov SUB +450 ...A horribly boring decision victory for Abubakar is probably the safest call, but Gooden’s work off his back is less than inspiring. Abubakar is ridiculously robotic on the feet and will be cracked hard if he overstays his welcome, but Gooden’s leaky takedown defense should prove simple for Abubakar to snatch a leg and grind out the clock and eventually get the choke
  • Modestas Bukauskas KO +435 ...Toss-up between two stylistically different strikers, but Oleksiejczuk’s size disadvantage and lack of leg kicks will leave him chasing Bukauskas for long stretches. While Bukauskas’ chin is open for the taking when he eventually falls into his combinations, the Lithuanian’s snappy jab will slow the relentless opening aggression from Oleksiejczuk. Can’t expect much grappling out of either of these men though so likely someone takes a nap
  • Omar Morelos -205 ...Both like to pressure off of the front foot, but Morales possesses a more diverse striking arsenal and a vicious head kick that probably eventually lands for a highlight reel. In somewhat of a pure striking affair, as to be expected, Morales has the speed advantage to make Young pay
  • Abu Azaitar +110 ...Barriault may win this if he uses his weight/size advantage to pressure Azaitar against the cage and bust him up with his excellent dirty boxing. Azaitar’s reckless bursts of wild hooks, however, will find great success against Barriault as the Canadian’s striking defense is almost as none existent as his counterpart.
SIDE NOTE...easy money on LOY CHICAGO in first game of madness about to go off :moneytoss:


SDQL Badass Stat Boss
First fight, not sure of start time at book lists it at 7pm but I doubt its that early​
1902 Abu Azaitar +107 vs Marc-Andre Barriault



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[0-1 -2u]​
  • 1841 Morales points handicap -3½ +125 vs Young points handicap
    any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter
  • 1801 Omar Morales -178 vs Shane Young

Dumb ass rogan " That was a good stoppage." fuck...maybe 2 minutes earlier but dude survives all that damage to get stopped with4 seconds left :shocked:

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SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[2-1 +0.75u]​
  • 705 Bukauskas wins inside distance +255
  • 1701 Modestas Bukauskas +165 vs Michal Oleksiejczuk



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[2-3 -0.65u]​
  • 1609 Nurmagomedov wins inside distance +235
  • 1631 Nurmagomedov wins by submission +385
  • 1602 Abubakar Nurmagomedov -200 vs Jared Gooden

I thought I would get that decision, but it was close.



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[3-5 -1.65u]​
  1. 1509 Menifield wins inside distance -145
  2. 1521 Menifield wins in round 1 +150
  3. 1501 Fabio Cherant/Alonzo Menifield Under 1½ -122



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[6-5 +3.75u]​
  • 1409 Worthy wins inside distance +170
  • 1442 Worthy points handicap* -3½ +140 vs Mullarkey points handicap
    any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter
  • 1402 Khama Worthy* -127 vs Jamie Mullarkey



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
Wow, Worthy got caught. I probably went a little much on that one as I had it fairly close.

[6-8 -0.79u]​
  • 1311 Maverick wins by 3 round decision +145
  • 1301 Gillian Robertson/Miranda Maverick Over 2½ -170
  • 1302 Miranda Maverick -152 vs Gillian Robertson



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[9-8 +2.66u]​
  • 1209 O'Malley wins inside distance -135
  • 1221 O'Malley wins in round 1 +180
  • 1223 O'Malley wins in round 2 +425
  • 1236 Fight won’t start round 3 -150



SDQL Badass Stat Boss
[10-11 +2.26u]​
1102 Vicente Luque -175 vs Tyron Woodley

Fucking Omally could have got 1R KO but he wanted to showboat. -SMH​


SDQL Badass Stat Boss
Plays from my first post, huge play on Stipe...odds are a little different now. I considered Nganou +175 in round 1 cause I think his danger falls off significantly after that but ultimately ley it ride with the champ!

[11-11 +4.26u]
  • 1005 Miocic wins inside distance +225
  • 1007 Miocic wins by 5 round decision +425