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***2022 Recruiting Thread***


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5* corner Will Johnson announces next Sunday ...

Top 3 are USC, UM and OSU...

Osu has slipped...

USC pushing hard..

Likely picks UM...

His buddy Domani picked USC... That would be one attraction there ...months ago they were thought to be a package deal...

The new UM staff connected quickly(I'd say OSU was near leading for a bit).

Hopefully a good pickup for UM then get him to recruiting Domani (who has noted all along that he's still willing to be recruited).


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LSU picked up another Newman kid in AJ Johnson yesterday.

with Bordelon in at OT (yes that’s his Mom in the Get the Gat WhiteHouse viral vid) the kitty would be Manning, but AJ was a take either way


Principal at Newman
I like Orgeron and want to see LSU in the championship hunt but I’m not sure he can get back to that level.
It’s hard to fuck it up at this point. I get it. I know what you mean. He at least knows to try and put smart people around him. He’s more a line guy, motivator.
He’s not X and O’s.
Will be constant top 5 recruiting classes.
Wide Receiver Kyion Grayes verbally commits Ohio State. They targeted him over several higher rated prospects and supposedly only want one more receiver in this cycle.


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Will Johnson did go blue today...highest rated recruit from the state in nearly 2 decades..


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Alabama got a commit from 5* QB Ty Simpson this week. Finally some good recruiting news for Tide
As a result, Clemson finally pulled the trigger on an offer to QB Cade Klubnik of Austin Westlake. Dabo called him on Friday to extend the offer, and he committed on Tuesday.

Quarterback Cade Klubnik of Austin, Texas played the waiting game with Clemson, and his patience paid off with an offer Friday from the Tigers.

Klubnik waited on the Tigers while they waited on QB Ty Simpson of Martin, Tennesseet. Simpson announced for Alabama Friday, and that set in motion a series of calls from Clemson coach Dabo Swinney to Klubnik with the offer he was waiting on.

“Coach Swinney called me about an hour before Ty’s commitment. And he said he was in a meeting, and he got the news that he heard from somebody that Ty was going to end up committing to Alabama,” Klubnik said. “He goes, ‘Let’s go. We’re getting Cade, baby.’ And then he ended up calling me. And they were all super pumped. I probably talked to him three times on separate occasions Friday, but they were all super excited. He ended up calling me saying he wants me to come play there.”

“They’ve told me multiple times that we’re kind of equal. It’s just, they’ve known him and they’ve gotten to meet him multiple times,” he said. “And that’s just kind of the only thing that was missing for them with me, but they’ve never made me feel like I was second, which is really good through the whole process. And I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that. I think I’ve just kind of felt like I’m a guy that they want.”

And Klubnik said it was the work quarterbacks coach Brandon Streeter put into recruiting him that convinced him to hang in with the Tigers until things worked their way out.