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2021 UFC/MMA Discussion


Raider Nation for Life
Other girl had second round but it wouldn't have mattered. She was outclassed on her feet the other two rounds.


Raider Nation for Life
Wow. He almost fucked up again but finished him.

The showboating is stupid though. Win first, than showboat.


Raider Nation for Life
Next up. Boring ass Woodley. Let's see if he does something different or goes to his defensive position against the fence and just defends with no offense.


KJ is my name, naps are my game.
Woodley needs to get out of the octo and stick to the booth, I like him quite a bit there

Big daddy naught

Well-Known Member
Yeah, unless he just really needs the money, which I doubt he does, it’s time for woodley to hang em up. Just doesn’t have it anymore. He’s never been a huge draw to begin w so can’t imagine Dana is gonna be interested in having him fight anymore when all he is doing is lose