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2021 UFC/MMA Discussion


Raider Nation for Life
Does anyone think either Diaz brother will fight again?
I saw Nick Diaz at Stockton Airport a few years ago. I was going to Vegas, he was coming back. I said "hey what's up Nick" when we passed by and he said what's up back. But man that guy likes to party still. I don't think he'll fight again.


CTG Regular
UFC 259 might be the best fight card in history. It is impossibly good. Take every last dollar you have available and lay it on Carlos Ulberg. I will take half of those winning and lay it with Sean Brady. I cant believe this card. It is a miracle card.


Well-Known Member
I think Croom and Rivera are solid. I never get Caceres correct. I feel Pedro is due, nobody seems to be on him. Angela Hill line is ridiculous. Lots on Ronnie Lawerence too. I want to play Dela Rosa.
DelaRosa has screwed me a couple times. I also never get Bruceleroys fights correct. That’s funny. I’m against him tomorrow.


CTG Regular
hoping jacoby's speed overcomes

I keep telling myself dont play fighter that misses weight. Last week 2 of 3 lost. I like Jacoby when he kicks. Grishin is quite durable but karma says he goes to sleep. I'm going hold off and watch, maybe in between 1 and 2 live. Gl andy


Well-Known Member
one of those situations judges went with the favorite and the guy who looked fresher right after the bell. plus i'm sure that weight miss factored.