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2021 UFC/MMA Discussion


CTG Regular
Burns didn't press enough imo

When he hit him with those two big shots, he should have went berserker, he stayed back, and then when he went on his back he gave usman so much time to recover

But full credit to the champ, 2nd round he was throwing bombs

The power jab. I always underestimate that strike. Usman is a great champion.


CTG Regular
Thinking about betting on

Vanderaa +210
Wineland +101
Lewis tko prop +450

O'Neil -150
Landwehr -125
Aspinall -250
Rosa -200

Missed weight otherwise would have bet

I think Pena blows, prolly goto decision. I lean Imavov but I'm scared. If he gets to round 2. I will bet him live. I lean Emmers but idk, I lean Daukus but scared. The 2 young HWs vs. OGs is interesting. I gotta think UFC Hope's young bucks win, olenick is more dangerous than Arlovski but much more fragile. Lewis pick might look dumb in retrospect or on point. It's worth my money to have bet on Blaydes tko.
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CTG Regular
I think Landwehr will be banger but Nate strikes win by attrition. Erosa is sneaky technical but Nate outside Burns knee is durable.

Over 2.5 could be close, Erosa can be got


CTG Regular
I want to fade Erosa because I knew Sean Woodson sucked and beating him is nothing, however mma math is he ko Emmers on DWCS and Emmers beat Sandhagen so Ersosa should fight for title :)