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2021 offseason thread


Give me the NHL, or give me death
you mean, it wasn't the Devin Shore extension by the Oilers...#PlanTheParade


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Eichel to the Rangers makes pretty good sense. Rangers with plenty of assets and cap room to make it work. Neck issues obviously a concern, but this would give the Rangers a top 6 that can skate with anyone and still a lot of talent in the pipeline.
Also hearing Reinhart will be gone from the Sabres.
Nolan Patrick wants out of Philly, but not sure the Flyers can get much more than a bag of pucks for him at this point and not sure what motivation they would have to trade him.

Expansion draft will open up quite a bit of opportunities and cap space, always makes for a fun offseason.


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I wouldnt trade for him if I was rangers just because the cost would be sky high

Not giving up kaako or laf and dont see buffalo asking for less

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