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2021 Masters


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Just getting down on paper my current futures (and likely all I'll have other than a giant pile of head 2 heads). One I posted a while ago

I've already gone back to Beekcake...obviously hard to say there is value now after the Bay Hill win but anything close to 10-1 I'm a buyer. The potential if he has the irons under control of what he can do to Augusta is worth the price IMO (and of course he'll spend the entire week in pine needles and flying greens by over 30 yards).

Bryson 10-1 (i'm on this heavier than my normal structure for outrights)
Hov 33-1 (sorry this is a stale number but I have a man crush on the kid and what he can do as well at Augusta especially now that he has a masters under his belt. I think something close to 30-1 is still available)
Molinari 100-1 (already posted a while back and while his effort at Bay Hill lowers my expectations (and definitely value with the number) but there have been flashes)