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***2021-2022 NCAAF In-Game Thread***


Principal at Newman
This will make one of you degens splooge in your pants

I have West FLA vs SBU live on tv in New Orleans. Not LSU.

14-7 with 14:00 left in the 1st it says. I’ll bet on the shitty graphics team being wrong on that


Proponent of Obamacare
Way to gut it out today for your dudes.
only positive was the defense played like an SEC D when the time came.
Horrible play calling, when you have the best backs in the game(arguably) .
And we continue to let this bkup throw shit for 3 and ahalf qtrs.

Inspired by the D. We might keep it within 10 of allybama.


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Dawgs +6.5...some at +7 and another a plenty at +200/ would think the wife is frustrated, but she spends FAR more than I lose.....LOL.........On another note, hitting Reno next weekend with bro-in-law.....LFG

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