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2020 UFC/MMA Discussion

Big daddy naught

Well-Known Member
Jacare vs Kevin Holland. Why is this an even fight? I thought Holland should be favored a little more. Jacare 41 years old while Holland is in his prime at 28. Only thing is Holland hasn't really beaten many people of significance.
Only thing I can see is didn’t Holland just wd from a fight recently w covid?

Big daddy naught

Well-Known Member
Yeah he did. He was supposed to be in the main event against Hermanson a week ago but Vettori got the win last week. Yeah, his conditioning could be questioned due to covid.
That’s a tough ask if he was just supposed to fight a week ago. Could be trouble if he doesn’t finish jacare early


CTG Regular
You eyeing any of these fight Johnny?

Yo daddy, just saw your post. When it comes to Bellator, LFA, Cage Warriors I put a lot of weight on first moves from BOL and it involves parlays. I tried on 2 dogs and lost, one in the comain and the other main prelim. All the parlays hit. If you revisit the BOL lines from last night you can see it well.

I'm not like that with UFC


Raider Nation for Life
Anybody watch the show Kingdom? I'm on season 1 and Cub Swanson is in one of the episodes. Great show on Netflix btw.