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★ $500 NFL Survivor Elimination Contest $$$ ★


VC's Valentine
Thanks for the contest @Administrator @B.A.R. I Knew Taking K.C. Was Wrong When I Took Them Over My Favorite Team Since 1978.
So I made a ML wager on Raiders +480 which gave me my OWN contest win!
Good Luck To The Rest Of Ya! A LOT Of Great Cappers Still In It!

lol. Nice. I normally wouldn’t do it with so many still left in a contest! I’ve def done that the few times when I’ve gotten pretty deep into one. Can’t remember it ever actually working out tho! Lol.


VC's Valentine
Aw crap. I had crazy morning plus had to take tickets to the book, so proud of myself I didbt bet nfl!! Anyways I forgot to do this? I can’t ever with anything left right! Just not pats? Lol