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xxxxx 2019 MLB Season In-Game Thread xxxxx


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Glad It's Back! Nothing big today. Gonna wait a few weeks for the teams to settle in, who starts hot, who's not. That being said...Haha. I did take O's/NYY Over 8.5 -110, Arizona +148, and Seattle +1.5 +100. :cheers3:


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Kinda weird to me Seattle has Haniger leading off with mallex Smith hitting 7th. Smith had a really strong obp last year and obviously has crazy speed. I realize times have changed far as leadoff guys go but think they be better served having smith up top and haniger in the 2 or 3 hole.


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Hey @2daBank Ozuna actually got a hit lol important one to tie it up
Offense really coming together! Lol.

Im almost as fed up w Ozuna as Fowler. Remember this spring when I had those crazy concerns about our outfield? Hate being right. I truely believe offense would be more productive with O’Neal and Martinez starting. Obvious problem w that is no bench cause no way either those overpaid losers will ever produce in that roll. So cut them, surely there a decent bat we could find to fill one bench rolll, then promote one our kids who close. Overnight our offense be improved. They really wanns make lineup dangerous tell carp it time to be a man and hit 3rd, hit womg Leasoff. So womg, godly, carp, Martinez, dejung, O’Neal, yadi, bader. And just like that we better..

A lot of this loss gonna be on flaherty. He quickly becoming lance McCullers 2.0. Not like worst thing in world but be liot damn better if he could learn to be way more efficient. Our pen will blow a ton of games if he only goes 5!!