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World Cup


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Spain -1.5 @ 2.63
Croatia @ 1.84

Both sides looked awful. Hopefully for Croatia they got their one bad game out of the way

Finals: 1-3 (-1.15)


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Switzerland @ 2.68
Switzerland - Sweden over 2.5 @ 2.88

England @ 2.20
England - Colombia over 2.5 @ 2.75

Finals: 2-9 (-6.09)


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Belgium @ 3.15
Belgium - France over 2.5 @ 2.18

Lloris makes two or three top saves to keep France tied at the break, and then score a goal early in the second half. Could have been very different if they had scored one of them

Croatia @ 3.50
Croatia - England over 2.5 @ 2.63

Croatia did well to come back after unable to cope with England's structure in the first half. They readjusted in the second half and dominated from then on, as England looked lifeless. So much for Croatia running out of legs. Perisic hitting the post in the second half and Rebic not able to put away the rebound, killed both bets.

Finals: 5-14 (-7.45)


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Belgium @ 2.25
Belgium with an extra day to prepare, and if they both field full strength sides, believe they will easily beat England. They are demoralised after expecting to take football home. Would not be surprised they win by two or three goals depending on the line ups of both teams

Already on Croatia to win the tournament, so probably should hedge but believe they will do it. The team spirit and unity in the team is evident and they are very determined to go off on a high. France will be the best side they play in the tournament, but if they come into this game arrogant like the English did, then they will be surprised. Will have a side bet on the overs @ 2.80, but do not worry about tiredness from this side. They have another 90 (or 120 minutes) in them. Already been written off that the French will be too good, Croatia will be tired and they do not have the quality France has etc etc etc. Usually a champion team beats a team of champions.