Which baseball team do you follow the closest?


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lines may be sharper later, but you're still fighting the market and they don't just miraculously get everything right because the calendar switches to August.
No of course not, I just find pre all star I have daily cards filled with anywhere from 2-7 dogs (some short favs) who's chances of winning exceed what odds suggest imo. once it gets into mid august I just don't feel the same type of opportunities are there. All I'm saying is the way i go about it for whatever reason I percieve more value during that time and it generally shows in my results. I have a harder time spotting it as we get deeper into the season which is probably most certainly a me problem but by then I'm pretty spent on the daily capping of bases so I usually start doing lot more fantasy FB prep and reading up on NCAA fb.


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I have the same experience Dan. Early on ( a week or so into season) i'm playing bigger cards and later on I switch mostly to shade plays.

Like one time when Phillies beat Mariners as big chalk that was a shocker or when Vargas was a surprising dog and so I faded him and won.