Bet at 5dimes

Week 3


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6-7, +1.9u ytd

ULM +25.5, 5.5/5

As outsized a play as you'll see me make, been circled on my calendar and the result last week supports this even more now. TAMU loses on the last play of the game against Clemson in prime time, now have to play this cupcake with at Alabama on deck. Spot speaks for itself.


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This jumped out to me as well.

I might have another angle with this but it is the perfect spot.

They had a big win last week, hopefully keep the good play going.


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Not getting more. Happy where I am.

Auburn -10.5, 2.2/2

The Miami game was fools gold, they were outgained and went sub 20% on third down. Their qb hasn’t completed over 50% yet, offense is and will continue to be a disaster. Going on the road facing a complete team with revenge, expecting this to get away from LSU by the mid third.

Bama Over 45.5, 2.2/2

Best offense in the country facing the worst defense in the conference. SEC road game suggests Saban will lean more on Tua than Jalen, they’ll also need points since Ole Miss offense is loaded too.

Washington Under 26, 2.2/2

Their offense has struggled and now on the road for a night game against a fantastic defense that has multiple years worth of revenge on its mind. Expecting Browning to be under duress all night.

SDSU +5.5, 1.1/1
ML +180, 1/1.8

Just think it’s a crap line.