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Wednesday umps, weather, etc.


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PHI: T Barrett
MIL: Lentz
CWS: Visconti
LA: Mahrley
NYY: Johnson
DET: Wolf
SEA: Muchlinski
WAS: Nelson
TB: Bucknor
MIA: Ripperger
ATL: Reynolds
MIN: Dreckman
TX: Rehak
OAK: L Barrett


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Pitcher performance with umps today...

Happ: 5.79 ERA in 23.1 IP with A Johnson
Arrieta: 0.64 ERA in 14 IP with T Barrett
Hamels: 3.86 ERA in 18.2 IP with Ripperger
Carrasco: 3.6 ERA in 25.1 IP with Muchlinski
Samardzija: 0.59 ERA in 15.1 IP with J Nelson (no IP since 2014)
Hellickson: 3.77 ERA in 14.1 IP with J Nelson
Miley: 3.79 ERA in 19 IP with L Barrett


Not all those who wander are lost
Should be noted Eovaldi last year in day games 4-1 1.70 ERA
All 3 starts at night this season Thinking he has a real edge today


Not all those who wander are lost
Thinking Cubs again. Hamels low 2 ERA last year at night. His best rest switchedt o 5 last year with 4 second. This would be 4
Yes the 3 to 3.30 should help him


Not all those who wander are lost
Had a first half bet on Boston and a game bet up 3 so far
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