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Vegas Supercontest


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Good read. Few people at CTG do this each year. One gentleman finished very high a couple years ago.


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Good read. I’ve been wanting to do the supercontest for the past couple years and finally tracked my picks this year. I’m surprised more online sportsbooks don’t offer a similar contest


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If you need a reliable proxy been doing it for 20 years and been fortunate to have 2 winners along the way, regardless if you deal with me or someone else I'm happy to answer any questions so you have a good experience. You can do a search for Sharky99 Supercontest and find lots of info and lots of references. I have proxied for some here including Eggman who would say I'm solid and reliable.

FYI -- They are opening signups earlier this year March 1st instead of July 1st to get March Madness crowd signups earlier