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Tyler Skaggs dead at 27


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Angels just announced that Tyler Skaggs has passed away while in Arlington, he was only 27 years old
No details of how he passed as of yet
He just got married last offseason

Gone way way to soon


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2:28 PM PDT The Southlake Police Dept. in Texas says cops were called to the Hilton hotel at 2:18 PM about an unconscious male in room. They said that officers arrived and found the male unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. At this time, no foul play is suspected, the investigation is ongoing, and we will release pertinent information as it is available..


all good here all the time...well, most of time
sad...sounds like aneurysm for so quickly and if 'natural cause.'


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Skaggs was a really good dude...so tragic

Remembering Tyler Skaggs, who touched countless lives in the...

from article linked above

Growing up, he had visions of wearing blue and pitching at Dodger Stadium. He once was a 17-year-old with a loopy curveball, who grew up with a radio soundtrack provided by K-EARTH 101.1 and Power 106 on the radio, as well as Vin Scully’s Dodger broadcasts. He blossomed as a prospect, a tall lefty with an old-school desire to pitch deep into games and the aptitude to adopt new-school methods. He felt snubbed when the Dodgers didn’t take him with the 36th overall pick in the 2009 MLB Draft.
Four picks later, he was an Angel. It was something he grew to love, particularly after getting traded to Arizona in 2010 and back to Anaheim three years later. After struggling through Tommy John surgery and then pitching through injury last year, he was optimistic. He had a date circled on his calendar, a start he planned to petition manager Brad Ausmus to make. He wanted to pitch at Dodger Stadium this month.


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the cause of death is known, but it’s being kept under wraps for now

they knew the cause of death within 48 hours but kept it a very well guarded “secret”
yes it’s a tragic ending to Tyler’s life but it was no secret what he & a few others had been doing
everyone thinks they are “invincible” until “it” happens
Angels are in full blown cover your ass mode, many will get fired & possibly one or two will end up in prison
one thing for sure is this story is VERY far from over

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