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Here for the next couple days....sportsbook at Gold Strike opened yesterday,haven't dropped in yet. I heard Sam's Town is opening as well. Anyone in the Midwest going soon?


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Sportsbook Review of Gold Strike in Tunica,MS

(Rating 1-5)

Service (2)- Staff was willing to help,but lost on many questions regarding bets & knowledge of writing tickets & sports in general. There was 1 person behind the counter that had a clue,the rest were lost.

Lines (2.5)
Basic MGM lines...nothing great....wasn't there at open.
20 cent lines on baseball after 130..extremely tough to win long term

Atmosphere (1.5)
Absolute dogshit- MUST improve by fb season...accessiblity the only thing nice.They took a portion of an Applebee's & made 3 ticket windows. No seating whatsoever to watch a game-brutal.
They HAVE TO improve by football season,HAVE TO.

I'll be at Sam's Town tomorrow at their 12pm CST Open for those interested.