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TSE and CTG Present the 12th Annual Bracket Mania Contest--Cash Prize!!


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CappingTheGame and TheSaturdayEdge have teamed up for The 2018 Bracket Mania Contest.

TSE and CTG will be the exclusive sponsors of the contest this year, no free play or rollovers--Cash Prize.

The contest is easy to enter, simply click the link below to sign up for the *Free* TSE newsletter and you will be given the link and password for the contest.

Sign up here to receive password and get your free newsletter!


* One entry per member
* Must be an active member at CappingTheGame
* No aliases allowed(IP's and emails will be tracked if need be)
* Winner must submit paypal information to 'Administrator' within 14 days of conclusion of the contest in order to be eligible for the cash prize.
* No complaining -- This is a free contest with a cash prize.

Entries will be taken up until the start of the first round on Thursday, March 15th at Noon Eastern when the platform closes .

Standard scoring applies

Tiebreaker is points in championship game

Platform is ESPN: Easy to sign up if you have not before.

Start making your picks after Selection Sunday!!

1st Place: 300.00 Cash via Paypal


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Tiebreaker is points in championship game

I believe 'West Coast' wins due to this.

GridironGems and West Coast tied

They had 152 and 145 respectively.

West Coast

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• Tiebreaker #1 - An Entrant's predicted Tiebreaker Game Score is compared to the actual game score. The differences (absolute values only) between the predicted score and actual score for each team are added together into a combined total. The entry with the smallest total is considered the winning entry.

Total Score:
Mine 145
Grid 152

Final Score: 141

or if it's individual scores, same boat

Mine 76 (off by 3) to 69 (off by 7): Off by a combined 10
Grid 78 (off by 1) to 74 (off by 12): Off by a combined 13

Either way, really damn close.


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West Coast is our Champ.

Great job as well Gems... just came down to tiebreaker.

Send me a PM this afternoon W.C. with paypal information.