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The site is acting strange on my phone

Didnt know where to post. Anyway, yesterday it seems like I did something when I was on the site thru my phone that now wont provide a box to type/respond. Also, if I want to like something I have to confirm like thru 2nd step. I can post from computer the same. Whats my problem? Thanks in advance.


Like a Nerdy Van Wilder
This is the easiest way you don't have to see Bar's jokes.
I have this huge problem with my phone as well. Whenever I try to access ctg BAR‘s unfunny jokes keep popping up. Does someone know how to make them go away?


Like a Nerdy Van Wilder
This reminds me of when a certain mod told me he'd ban me for promoting or encouraging drug usage and now there's a thread in which everyone participates about what everyone does when baked...i mean, dang, harmless quip that me and BAR always make to each other