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Really hope city draw barca, Bayer, or juve, just to see them challenged by a non english side and have an entertaining game

Fully expecting Porto for them tho


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How did they seed the teams for the round of 16? Sorry for the dumb questions, I just started following the EPL and subsequently the CL a couple months ago.
No dumb questions at all

It was based on group stages

If you won your group stages you got matched with a team that finished 2nd, team that won group stages got 2nd leg at home, and you couldnt draw the team from your group, starting in qf its random

For group stages it's based on european coefficient, essentially you earn points every year for winning games in europe, be it champions league or europa, and it's a rolling score over past 5 years

So for group of 32, its split into 4 pots, pot A is champions league and europa league winners, plus the 6 champions from top 6 european leagues, as of right now its england, spain, Italy, germany, france, russia

The next 3 pots of 8 are sorted by their coefficient, which are here

And one team from each pot is picked, cant be with a team from same country is only rule here


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CL Draw tomorrow. Want anyone but City tbh.
I'm kinda sad cause I read that KJ got permabanned? WTF up with that? Every interaction I ever had with that guy was nice - good soccer guy.
Soccer guys are dying off big time. ManUK, Billy, Hugh613, DanAnderson32, KJ - and now all we get are token appearances by long timers. Makes me sad.


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Juve v. Ajax
Liverpool v. Porto
Spurs v. Man City
Barça v. Man United

Did say anyone but City, Barca was the second worst team to face though. I'd say Pool get a bye basically though to semis where the face the Barca/United winner.

Juve/Ajax and Spurs/City should both be good, but I do expect chalk to prevail and a Juve/City semi final

Also, lost in the shuffle, but all 6 teams in Europe advanced to quarterfinals - first time in like 50 years or something like that. Should help the EPL coefficent quite a bit I'd think and restore order back to the world.

KJ/Monger vs. Guaranteed/Utah woulda been nice for the in-game.


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Wow, Spurs run in looked a cake walk a few weeks back - now, looking over their fixture list, well, g'luck on a top 5 finish here

3/31 @ Liverpool
4/7 Brighton
4/9 Man City
4/13 Huddy
4/16 @ Man City
4/20 Man City
4/27 West Ham

Two of those City games are CL play, but still that's 4 games vs the top 2 and what is usually a hard fought game vs West Ham in just shy a month's time.