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United's season been terrible, admittedly so. And without DeGea standing on his head last year, the issue would have been brought to a head that much sooner.
That said, United need a big manager, otherwise the players are going to run the show and it will be more mediocrity. And Pochettino been great at Spurs, sure, but I mean, what's he won? What big names has he brought in on transfer? He has a good system, and a good team with young players and they play well there. That is not going to work well at a big club.
Mourinho won three trophies during his time at United. He was much better than Moyes and Van Gaal for sure. A change needed to be made and I kind of hope they look out of England, think a bit outside the box here. Bring in a Laurent Blanc to go out this season, and re-evaluate everything. This team is still alive in the round of 16 in the Champions league ffs. Yeah, PSG should knock the shit out of them, but just imagine United winning the CL with Jose out? That would be magnificent.
Team is loaded with talent, loaded with money for the January transfer season.....and they are loaded with holes. They need an operations manager there other that Woodward. Mourinho knew what he wanted to do, and wasn't given the freedom to do so. He said as much before the season started and everyone said look at Mourinho whining.
Alexis Sanchez is a waste of fucking space. United can play good, attacking, free flowing football if the can find the right manager, and get some center backs that can adequately defend and move the ball. They don't, so they are forced to play Matic (who my God looked slow and plodding against Liverpool) and Fellaini. These guys have their roles for sure, but when your CB's are hurt, and just can't make a pass to save their lives, they are ineffective in today's game. City is great now cause Ederson is a fucking master with the ball. And is it any surprise that Allison can also work the ball well that Liverpool is now terrific. DeGea's game is not about that ,so they need CB's that can do this and they simply don't.

The sport and the World will be a better place with a great United team.
Haha no we can live with an average Man Utd team a little while longer!!! But with they money they have they should be able to contend in the PL soon enough, assuming they take the right decisions now.

Agreed with what you said about Pochettino and the lack of trophies but I think he has them playing at close to their maximum potential and that's all you can ask for in your coach. Give him a squad as deep as Man City and Liverpool and he's challenging for the PL as well. Look at Mourinho's big signings and players (Lukaku, Pogba, Sanchez, Fred), are they playing to their potential? No way close.

Also there are talks about hiring a Director of football or a structure responsible for the transfers so things are going in the right direction it seemed they didn't know what to do in the transfer windows recently with no clear strategy. As for next coach, seems like on redcafe Pochettino is wanted by a big majority, followed by Zidane and Jardim. All 3 could be good choices in my opinion.
This been quite the turn of events. Didn't expect Pep to have to bring on KDB and Sergio in this thing but alas, hope he still doesn't. Palace best bet to keep doing this, City will find holes if they sit back


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Ya i think chelsea good for him

Competing for basically the two spots beside hazard with willian and pedro...

Plus if chelsea spend other money this summer would be on striker and defense

He may not be auto starter, but will get a lot of starts and play in almost evrry gsme id think