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This story is regarding a promotional rebate in which TVG says new customers who wager $5,000 will get $1,000 rebate, and those who wager $10,000 get a $2,000 rebate. Attached will be the story explaining the situation in which not only were the terms and conditions suddenly changed but also was promised 3 consecutive days I was in line for the rebate.

This email is inregards to tvg account #. In following up with mydiscussion with supervisor Steven, I would like to express my concerns with howthis has been handled.

On Monday I was in contact with customer service representative Laverda whoconfirmed I was in line for a rebate, however needed to wait 5 days. OnTuesday, I again spoke with Laverda who again confirmed my rebate was coming,however I needed to wait 5 business days. On Wednesday I spoke with Laverda whotransferred me to supervisor Steven, who said he saw it had been 5 days andconfirmed I was eligible for the rebate. Indicating he would be checking thesituation and getting back to me. Shortly thereafter, he called me back andindicated the terms and conditions now excluded show wagering.

At the time I signed up for the promotion I read the terms and conditions andconfirmed show wagering was NOT EXCLUDED, and the only exclusions were HongKong wagering as well as cancelled or refunded wagers. I am well aware theterms and conditions indicate that they are subject to change at any time.However, up until the terms and conditions changed, all of my wagers should behonored as it is unethical to change the terms and conditions once someone hassigned up under that specific contract.

Seeing as I find it very unethical to simply change the terms and conditions inthe middle of an agreement I find myself at a cross roads. After being told 3 consecutivedays I would be receiving my rebate, then being told the terms and conditionshave changed so I no longer qualify, I am finding myself with limited options.I hope we can get this taken care of, and the terms and conditions in which Isigned up for will be honored not the new conditions recently implemented afterthe fact. I do not want to retain legal counsel and file a complaint with theCalifornia Attorney General’s Office along with the Better Business Bureau ofCalifornia for improper business practice, however I will.

I am seeking that the terms and conditions that were in place on July 18, 2017when I signed up for the promotion, are granted. With $9,482.50 wagered I am inline for a rebate of $1,000. Please contact me with your response via email orphone . I do not wish to pursue this further, however I will beforced to do so, if the terms and conditions I agreed to on July 18, 2017 arenot honored.

Alan Tongue

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Paddy Power are renowned for changing their conditions, no surprise they are doing it with TVG. You will need a screenshot or cache of the original conditions. You will also need a group of people in your same situation. Regulators generally side with the bookmaker, not the punter. Your other option is to get a copy of the original conditions are go to a non-TVG aligned media, like DRF


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I thought about printing out the terms and conditions, and did not ultimately thinking a well known entity like TVG wouldn't do such a thing. This truly feels like an off shore book move not a US based company. Supervisor Steve originally admitted the terms had changed, and asked I send him a copy of the original terms....Well I don't have a copy, and he knows damn well or can find out what the original terms are.

I have filed complaints with the California Attorney General's Office as well as the California Better Business Bureau.

Fondy & BAR any ideas here?


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Not sure why the sudden change of heart, but I was not only paid but I was overpaid. Promptly given $2,000 rebate which is now in my account. Assuming the Attorney General's Office calling and the Better Business Bureau wasn't worth the hassle.


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Try and see if anyone backed up a copy using WaybackMachine ( Seems some dates were backed up, maybe you'll get lucky.*/
Appreciate this so much, thank you. Luckily for me they knew they were in the wrong and made good on their poor decision and fixed it. However, I am curious how many people don't know how to use their resources, and simply backed down and allowed them to commit this kind of atrocity.