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Presidents Cup Discussion


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Captain Woods has picked his last 4... Tony, Capt America, Woodland and Eldrick Woods. I'm excited for this to be in December. It comes at the perfect time.


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What do you think about picking captain america?

Could have easily avoided him with rickie or kiz


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Hate that Kisner didn't make it, but it's whatever. This tournament is a joke.

Reed will be on a lot more teams (Ryder and President) they might as well try to figure out a way to bring him back into the mix.

BTW how much money would you have lost if 5 years ago you would have bet that neither Fowler or Spieth would be on a US team for the next 2 decades?


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Still wish they'd try some new blood and see if they find something that would work in the Ruder Cup. I know thats next year and players can go off form, but try something different for once.

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