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Plains and Upper Midwest Blizzard Watch


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I've played their disc course before, but my golfing skills end at the short game, as in the mini-golf game.

I'm pretty good at that wacky shit though...


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Yeah, it's gonna be cold up here Thursday with snow and lows near 10 degrees Thursday night.

I've gotta get all the veggies in my greenhouse and garden harvested this week...


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hahaha... pilot lights on heater and fireplace out and can't get them lit. I'm thinking it's going to get pretty chilly in here


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All that snow and we are shut out at Tahoe. The same weather pattern has been locked in for weeks, sending the storms around us and down the Rockies and further east.

Zero snow, mid-60s every day, and too warm to use the snow making machines. We got no benefit at all from the cold weather that has hit most of the country.

Take a look at this video, not even a patch of snow anywhere and this is the top of the mountain. All the resorts with snow making always open by Thanksgiving, but not this year



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Beautiful here - will be golfing all week.

Please keep your cold stuff up there. Thank you.
Few weeks ago giveit made a somber post about the last golf of the year and your swing was broken etc... This is quite the turnaround! ;)

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