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I don't think Peralta should be the favorite in this one. Hater should be available today so don't see a ton of late runs. Maybe Stl for game and over first 5 and stl first 5?


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Peralta is young and he's hittable in my opinion. Two starts ago he threw 8 innings of 2 hit ball with only 100 pitches and he was unhittable because of the extremely late movement on his FB and curve was untouchable. 84 of the 100 pitches were fastballs..84!! That tells me he relies too much on his FB which is typical of youth and he will get hit by a veteran lineup.


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Cards knocked him around pretty good once already. Don’t see much difference this time, as been mentioned he just throws too many heaters. I like Hudson, little concerned he has struggled w lefties including brewers 3 big lefties who all took him yard in 1st meeting. Last year out of pen his numbers vs lefties weren’t bad tho and he has only given up 1 extra base hit to a lefty since that brewers start which was also his 1st big league start so maybe nerves was some of it?

As long as cards not thrown off by the weekend in Mexico i think they take this. Def like the +119 price.