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Per year, how many Fantasy Leagues do you have and which sports?

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Per season in each sport, how many sports fantasy leagues do you usually run/join and which sports are you regularly joining?

Do you do it for fun/free or are you the semi-pro type with these leagues with actual $ buy-ins? If latter, how much?!

Thank you!


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Last year did 4 leagues ranging between 40 to 400, this year only doing 2 smaller ones but am
Looking to get involved into some larger survivor pools.


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One at work for small stakes. Probably find another one for a little larger and that'll be it. Hate to have too many different rooting interests, or where you get helped in some leagues and hurt in others by the same play.

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One football league. $300 buy in, same group for our 19th season this year. It’s a 10 team league and 8 of the 10 teams are the same owner from when we started the league using pen&paper and the newspaper to calculate the stats and had to call your opponent with lineups each week.

One baseball league, $200 buy in, this is our 14th or 15th year. It’s about 5 of the same owners as our football league mentioned above. We’re a pretty tight knit crew, most of us being friends since middle/high school, and we are all in our early-mid 40s now.


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can't figure it out, all it does is bring me to a login page and then nothing comes from it


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did that, they call me satoshi but i don't know where i list my league to get it sponsored

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