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I plan to play around with a few underdog systems this year. Their is a lot of info to be found. I am developing my own that focuses mainly on Top 25 pitchers and staying away from them. I’m only considering bets on UD’s with +100 to +150 lines. Also UDs in divisional rivalries. In top 25 pitching match ups I’ll lean to the under.
I’m starting with a $2K bank roll betting .125 a game ($25) If successful I will bump the size of plays weekly. This is by no means a flawless system. I usually would pick 5 or 6 pitchers and ride them through a season but I’ve just been getting priced out laying so much juice.

I also like 1st no score bets especially in games I play under but their is nothing special about it. I will track wins and losses, totals, and 1st inning score/no score

Good Luck

Anyone that is doing anything similar please discuss

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Opening Day

Cubs under 8 25/25
Cubs/Marlins no score 1st inning 31/25
Mets under 7 31/25
Rays under 7 30/25
A’s 25/25.75
WhiteSox 30/25
Cubs/Marlins under 4.5 30/25

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Update Record
Games 3-1
Totals 0-3 -86.0
1st Inn Score 0-1 -31

Short Card today I suspect. I can see alot of runs being scored this year. Is it good hitters, mediocre pitching, the ball?

Detroit 25/25.75
Rockies 25/35
Rays 25/32.25
yankees no score 1st inning 28.75/25

Good Luck Guys
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Updated Record
Games 3-3 -6.75
Totals 0-3 -86.0
1st Inn Score1-1 -6

Mets 25/32.75
A's 25/26.50
No Score in 1st Inn
Astros 25/25
Giants 30/25
Indians 31.25/25
Reds 27.50/25