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November ML Dogs


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I will get things going with my plays for the day. I admittedly know hardly anything about any teams going into this new basketball season but I did find a measure of success with some SDQL comparisons. I found in football, it seems that a team's record from the previous season has some bearing on how they in the current season. For example, a winning team from a previous season has a small amount of chance to be upset by a team with a losing record from the previous season. For example, I found most of my plays having to do with a team with winning record from the previous season playing a team with winning record from the previous season, etc. I do not know for sure but I would hazard a guess it possibly has to do with depth being so incredibly hard to develop in the sport of football.

Anyway! On to my what I did here was conduct SDQL queries to find teams with comparable seasons from last year, and also I included the month of November and also rest. I then found the average lines for these games and looked for some favorites well below that line. I then looked up my fav consensus site to see what favs the public was on so I can fade them. In addition, I like the Dunkel Index and found the teams where the Dunkel said the dog was the play.

PS - then I added the Raptors.

This is really just a whim of a parlay (y'all know me!! HaHa!!) and I have no idea how it is going to do so I am keeping my risk small. This is prolly a bunch of horseshit but I said what the hell, let's gamble today. I know you guys don't mind!

Each parlay are 3, 4, & 5-teamer RRs and BOLTA!!



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Tonight I rolled some spare change on:

Charleston Southern
Tennessee Tech
Prairie View A&M


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Last night was awful and that is putting it kindly.

gonna try to be somewhat competitive tonight with these four:

Fair Dickinson

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