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NFL Exhibitions


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Jets -1.5
Leos +1
Phins -3.5
Ravens -4
Car/Chi O35.5
9ers -4
Pack -2.5
Cards -2.5

This should be fun
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I see now why Quinn and the Falcons are an automatic bet against in the preseason. 4th and long at their own 15 with two minutes left tied at 27-27 and Quinn keeps the offense on the field. What fuckery. Apparently Quinn is anticipating more situations where he'll have his offense in desperation mode than situations where his defense will need a stop to preserve a lead or tie.


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Cards -3
Bears/Gints U42.5
Yuccaneers -3.5
Stains +3
Pats/Tits O40
Cows/Lambs U43
Texans -4.5
Seahags/Norsemen U41.5

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