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*****NFL Draft In-Game Thread*****


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So for anyone that has been to Nashville.....
Right now for the Draft.....
Parking is Free, Events are Free. All of these Concerts are Free. Just Amazing.
And the names playing are some Big time names.
And these crowds crush CMA Fest


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In bowl games we don‘t take pac-12 teams as seriously because the competition sucks, why don‘t we apply the same thinking to pac-12 nfl prospects

So the comment was sarcastic

Sorry ive been exhausted/under the weather
First off, feel better man.

P12 just been so down the last few overall, it’s very easy to lump everyone into the mix and ignore the individual studs.

Get some rest and take a shot of whiskey, it’ll help you sleep and put some hair on your chest. Thank me later.


Man Crush on Kyle Guy
Why did Taylor slip so far down anyways? The Jags draft strategy is like a bum waiting for people to pass up on finishing their food...leftovers


Man Crush on Kyle Guy
Arizona is like a kid playing the Madden game....gotta make stupid moves to get the guy i‘m emotionally attached to (Big 12 connection)

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