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Vikes -6. Cousins always starts slow but think there is a huge talent gap here. Cousins always feasts on weaker teams.

Cincy +1. The Colts roser is weak and Im not the biggest Luck giy out there. This seems like an overreaction to Luck returning. Im a bit high on Cincy, particularly on offense. Lots of weapons and Mixon is a stud.

Cincy o23

TexNs over 21.5.

Skins +2.5. Think the Skins have big advantages all around. They are healthy for the most part. Think there DL is cery underated and Ari offensive line is an issue.

Looking at some others.


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The Darnold era starts tonight. Jets +7 -115

Im leaning da Raidaaaas tonight, but still on fence. I have the Rams as the most overrated team in the NFL and the Raiders as an underrated team. If it was 7, it would be auto


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Thanks bud, hope you are doing well! Now, that I gave it more thought, it would have made sense to hold off on playing Buffalo. I expected Cincy to win so in theory, gamblers would believe the Bills are worse than they thought if the Ravens can't beat Cincy. Oh well, go bills.