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NBA Picks 2019-20


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NBA 2013-2014 Overall 20-25 -7.50 units (44.44%)
NBA Christmas 2015 3-2 +0.80 units (60.00%)
NBA 2016-2017 Overall 99W-79L-5P 14.30 units (55.61%)

NBA 2017-2018 Overall 45W-48L-1P -7.80 units (48.38%)
NBA 2018-2019 Overall 61W-65L-1P -9.50 units (48.41%)

The Christmas capper is back. Here goes

Raptors -7 to win 1 unit

Clippers +3 to win 1 unit


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tough one last night

Wizards -3 to win 1 unit

for 11/2

we will be talking about this game throughout the week
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Jazz really showed no hustle last night. Their defense has been excellent and it allowed them to get back in the game but the turnovers in every game are getting really out of hand. The Kings get a put back layup to win the game because of Bogdanovic not boxing out and Harrison Barnes easily coming.

Tough 3 game stretch come with @ Clippers, vs Philly and vs Mill. Would be fine if they came out of it 5-4, would be ecstatic if it was better. Next 7 games after that they would be favored in.


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slump was bound to happen after a hot start...just trying to steady the shit

Raptors -9 to win 1 unit

for 11/18...


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NBA 2019-2020 Overall 16W-14L-1P 0.40 units (53.33%)

time for the CHRISTMAS CAPPER to have a great December

Lakers -6 to win 1 unit

for 12/1