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NBA In-Game


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Gonna be a game of runs.

I think 10-12 Pels have played and attempted a FG? Nuts.


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What contract does he get


If this heat check keeps going a few months...
He and Siakim gonna be prop bet studs here for a few weeks...

But yeah, he will get PAID.

He has so much old school in him. He's tough as nails.


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I love the clips new floor design

Read zach lowes piece on them this year

Cant wait to see Brooklyn's

Mavis with dirk

Utah motherfuckin jazz


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Lakers look 'eh' to me, as expected.

Clips have an MVP candidate sitting on the bench in a tux

Win or lose, ADV Clippers.

Big daddy naught

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Both these teams will be fine. Clippers still get PG in a month, and Lakers will figure out who to play when and where, a lot of new additions, and get Kuzma and Rondo who are 2 key pieces back as well