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My Pick To Win the 2019-20 UCL


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Mates, there is a lot of teams in bad shape who appear to be favored. I don't think this is a great bet at these odds and how long it will take to payout. This is just what I do.

My Pick: Liverpool +650


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This is the good stuff.... Stuff money can't buy... I'm in for 8 units

Alright fine. I'll give you 8 units funny guy

Man City - At this point you can't trust Pep to get this team through Champions League. Hasn't had the success with City, hasn't had the success with Bayern. Despite having dominate teams, just isn't in the cards. Barca was along time ago at this point. Prove me wrong

Barcelona - The team is getting older, and there seems to be some turmoil with Messi now too not being happy about the Neymar efforts. Two seasons in a row Valverde's side has given up huge leads in the 2nd legs

PSG - A mix of City and Barcelona but worse. Neymar can't seem to last a whole season. Neymar thinks hes bigger then the team. Now they've added Icardi to add to those locker room problems. In addition, remarkable fuckups and this team just can't get it done.

Real Madrid - Turmoil once again. They are struggling to win games in La Liga and I'm gonna think they will win Champions League? Zidane's attitude towards Bale is a bunch of bullshit too

Juventus - Good team and I would pick them second but at some point you've got to think about how Ronaldo is getting older. In addition, Juventus might need to sell some players in the winter that they don't necessarily want to send to make up for getting De Ligt and Ronaldo the last two seasons. That could weaken the squad.

Bayern Munich - Kovac has remarkably been on the hot seat since basically day 1 of having the Bayern job. They've gotten Perisic and they've gotten Coutinho, but I'm not sure with guys like Mueller and Lew still being key aging pieces. I think a positive is that Bundesliga is becoming more competitive - I've always felt Bayern winning in mid-April has hurt them. Now you have Dortmund and RB Leipzig challenging them for the title.

Atletico Madrid - I could also them making a run and I think at +2700 they could be some good value. The trouble with them - Simeone has them playing such a playing style that I could also make an argument that they could not make out of the group stage.

I picked Liverpool because in my opinion, they are the best team in the world. There best player supposedly had a bad year last year, but they won the Champions League and lost one game all season in the Premier League. The team has depth, they have a good manager. Mostly importantly is these other big teams that are favorites all have some kind of drama surrounding them.


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I wasn't even trying to be dicky lol. The funny thing is I just noticed this write up. I thought you were joking about that last night(having a write-up). Good stuff :shake: