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Monday MLB Discussion Thread


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kersh 150 at home isn't near like it used to be, still castillo has given up only 22 ER in last 15 starts :shocked:

kershaw has given up 36 ER in 15 starts which isn't bad, he did pitch well after break last year with team going 15-6. This is his first start this year, so no telling of his health, his velocity has dropped last 2 years. I may dabble, but probablt stay away or under



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My only issue w reds is Castillo is facing the far more dangerous lineup, reds lineup just hasn’t really hit all that well as of yet. They managed some runs over the weekend but it didn’t appear to take much to get the ball out that park in Mexico. Waino washed up ass pretty much dominated them outside a fly ball that just kept carrying. Still reds or nothing, maybe under.


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I like ff and game under in Seattle, Houston pitching cooled the mariners bats and they havnt had much success vs Bauer, tribe sporting a ops around .500 vs lefties.


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Reds line up is pretty ugly tonight. I get Winker has trouble with lefties, but he was basically the hottest hitter in the last week. Keeping him out of the line up does nothing to help him learn lefties. He is their future lead off guy.. I don't get these managers some times. Votto has hit 2 dingers off Kershaw as well, this is not Kershaw of a few years ago. To completely restructure a line up that was starting to come alive is an amateur move imo.



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First time I'd heard about this but Rox announcers said that once the Pods installed the new giant video board in the outfield it created a jet stream that benefits right-handed batters..