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MLS Playoffs


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Very open compared to last two seasons where Toronto was the clear favorite . Atlanta are limping in and have been essentially flat track bullies all year long with a coach who is set to leave for the Mexico job once this season is over. East is so tough , so really would t shock me to see any of the 6 go to MLS Cup. Dc United along with the NYRB are the best in form teams , and usually that bodes well for playoffs . West is very open as well , but the teams aren’t as good as out East . Seattle playing very well coming into this . Throw some fliers on DC and Seattle to win the Cup if you want , both good prices


Philly +1 -110

Too big of a price , NYFC has been garbage ever since Vierra left and Peps right hand man took over ( I think there is a good chance he is gone if they lose this one) Sunday’s result doesn’t change much in my mind

Dallas/Portland U 2.75 -109

This game feels 1-0 1-1 ish , just need to avoid the early goal , especially from Portland


What's the format? 1 game this round then it goes home/home?

Looking at MLS site that's what it looks like, don't follow at all. Do they at least list the home team on top now? That always confused me when ESPN would list the home team 2nd for MLS


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1-2 -.65 ( will count 1/2 losses as full and vice versa)

3/4 games in first round went over, and the one under that hit had 2 goals in the first 30 minutes, so a little gun shy on making under best even though the circumstances of these games do support them

NY/Atlanta- I probably was too harsh on NY in my above write up. They are finally healthy, and Yankee Stadium is just a big advantage to them given the dimensions of the field, but I am really down on Atlanta coming into these playoffs. Almiron is hurt and if he plays he won't have the impact Atlanta needs from him. NYFC has to absolutely win this game, no doubt about it, and i think they do

NYFC -1/4 -110

Columbus/NY- Berharlter, coach of Columbus is widely regarded as the best tatical coach of the league, and that is why everyone believes he will be announced the USMNT coach once Columbus is eliminated. He does more with less talent than anyone in the league. I just don't see it this series with the top team in the league. The 120 mins Weds night puts them really behind the 8 ball , especially when Columbus basically need superb games from the 34 year Higuain to win this series. I see a ton of value on Red bulls on this game

NY Red Bulls + 1/2 -128

Seattle/Portland- not much to say here, other than Seattle has been the hottest team in the league , and even on the road against their biggest rivals I think they get a result

Seattle +1.4 -113

Salt Lake/KC- taking the home team at a price here.

Salt Lake PK -101