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MLB Saturday 8/1


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YTD Friday not done yet but hopefully a split and that would make it -24 YTD. If cle under also loses then YTD is -70

thanks for the responses and you are all right at least it is some action. GL

all for x20 -130

chw/kc under 11
Mets/atl under 10 1/2
Cle/minn under 10
Oak/sea under 10


all four unders round robin groups of 4 and 3 for 3 units each. Total risk 15 units. GL


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Have you considered playing these unders 1st 5 innings instead? All these crazy bullpen endings and the extra inning rule has these numbers getting jacked up (rightfully so), but for most part all these runs coming after the starters exit. yet Ff are still being treated as half the total!


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Thanks Cash. GL

That's a very good idea Bank and I will look at it. The only thing I give up is that bought 1/2 run but less time is much better and I save the juice. Good stuff. Thanks. GL