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MLB Monday 4/15


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I think I have enough stats for this year to venture into the water and make a few bets. You know every year bettors make the fatal mistake of betting baseball too early. They count on spring performance which means absolutely NOTHING. Or they go off last year which in baseball might as well be looking at 20 years ago. Yes, it changes that much year to year. Or folks just bet names. Pitchers names and team names. That will kill you all year long. I just wait for enough of this years stats to paint a reasonable picture and then I play. Most bettors hate MLB betting for the simple reason that they make those early bets or bet on names and usually are bankrupt in the first two or three weeks which is just about when I start.

My advice? Always be patient betting baseball whether it's early in the season or games just don't look right today. If you don't like the card walk on by. There will be days I don't bet or post. There are 4,860 regular season games played almost every day for over 6 months. You can be picky.

All for 10 units each.

Mets/Phil over 7 -140
Cubs -130
Ana/Tex under 10 1/2
Cle/Sea over 7 -140



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Blood told me you were the one to follow, I respect his opinion.

Best of luck this season...