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MLB 2019


CTG Regular
ytd -.50

Giants +138
Dbacks FF /+145 @ .5 unit
Dbacks FG/+155 @ .5 unit

OK. It took me one day to realize that my "systems" overlap. It really makes no sense for me to track and or play like I did day 1.

Going forward, each play will only be 1 unit, even if I see it in more than 1 of my "systems".

Further, if they are a play in both FF and FG. I will split .5 unit on each.
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CTG Regular
ytd -15.46

Pirates +120
Nats +125
Padres +116

Its pretty awesome these 3 are all opposite of the one capper I do tail ^^^ or should I say tail everything unless they have conflicted with me. It hasnt been working out well. Its not easy capping contextually thru a MLB season. Id rather wager on common simulations or scenarios and move on with it

Reasonable road divisional dogs are 7-20. This is unusual, but plenty frustrating. I focus on these guys thru May, about 1/4 of the season. I am about 1/4 of the way thru it this year. Im going to try and see it thru unless it gets much worse. I would be proud if come May things were a little brighter with it.

Either way, I tend to think that my approach may be better served in the NFL and NBA, where less games and/or larger payouts can keep things green most of the season. Hell we are only 1/16 of the way thru and Im down almost -16.

Live and learn to wager another day is my motto at the moment.


CTG Regular

Not liking that 3 of 4 are opposite of Peel, do like that most of the favorites have starters that havent gotten it together yet

Toronto +170
Mets +115
Pirates +116
Padres +103