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Mexican Winter League


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had a couple tough beats early on this winter league but I wouldn't bet against me in the long run...with the breaks I've gotten the last few nights down south I am due for a big night going to put the 3 games I like into a parlay

3 Team Parlay +330
Pending10/30/19 9:10pm Mexican Baseball 14518 Yaquis de Obregon -175* vs Aguilas de Mexicali (Fixed Price)
Pending10/30/19 9:30pm Mexican Baseball 14520 Cañeros de los Mochis -175* vs Sultanes de Monterrey (Fixed Price)
Pending10/30/19 9:30pm Mexican Baseball 14521 Venados de Mazatlan/Naranjeros de Hermosillo Over 7½ -135


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Hermosillo didn't come home, it was the weakest of 3 plays and I got greedy 1-4...-3.40 on the season...great spot for Obregon tonight, going with one of my old squads...better team, playing better baseball, better bullpen and at home...gotta play catch up the next few nights, going with one play and its the best play on the board south of the border

14526 Yaquis de Obregon -140 (2*)

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