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Marsski at the World Cup

I'll roll my bets out here, I basically only bet the WC in soccer so far from an expert.

I drew Japan and Brazil in my buddy's blind draw for 20. Winner pays 220, 2nd 100


Japan 10/220
Switzerland 58/2,030
Brazil 10/220

First Round/Advance Bets: 19-24 record, -0.15 units
Sweet 16 bets: 6-6-1, +2.73 units
Elite 8 bets: 0-7, -3.34 units
Final 4 Future: 1-0. +2.25


Croatia ML +385 2 unit bet to win 7.7
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Thanks fellas...

Squeaked out that Uruguay ML....hoping it doesn't impact Egypt too much going forward. I will be on them vs Russia, hopefully get a juicy line...+250 right now maybe go PK

6/16 Denmark/Peru Ov 2 -125 to win half unit

Peru had only 2 clean sheets in 18 games qualifying and has a good O upfront. Denmark gonna have serious height advantage in the box.

Peru beat Iceland, Croatia and S Arabia in last 3 so playing well.

2-1-, 2-2 FINAL very likely IMO.
Not sure what Brazil was doing today. The brutal fouling of Neymar was pretty bad but you gotta find ways to win.

Poland has a first class scorer and a leaky defense that gave up a bunch of goals in qualifying. I like Senegal to pull an upset but I'm gonna go the slightly safer route and play Over 2.

6.19 Poland/Senegal Over 2 to win half unit (-120)
Going multi-sport parlay here. Not sure how you can hang a 7 for an Astros game when you got the Rays running out a bunch of bullpen guys.


Spain has looked the best of anyone to me. They should handle Iran even if they park the bus.

6.18 MLB Astros/Rays Over 7/ 6.20 Spain ML half unit parlay +114
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I thought Peru should have won their first game. France struggled against some Australian scrubs. I think we see a dogfight here...


6.21 Peru +1 half unit bet +100
Gonna go ahead and grade my Egypt to advance bet as a loser....really thought Russia was gonna suck this tourney from listening to the experts.
Gonna try another multi-sport parlay...
Rich Hill coming off the shelf to face the Cubs who hit lefties pretty well. Hill hasn't been right all year except for his first start. Like the Cubs to put up at least 5

Saudi Arabia is not going to be able to hang with Uruguay with that rec league defense they have.


6.19 MLB Cubs TT Over 4 runs/ 6.20 Uruguay ML half unit bet +110
Demark hasn't given up a goal in 5 matches. Not sure who on Australia can score unless they get a header off a corner.

6.21 Australia TT Under 0.5 goals half unit bet +110

Pushing in some more on Peru to do well vs the Frogs. They were very unlucky not to score in the first match, I think they get on the board especially if Guerrero starts as I expect given how he played as a sub in match 1.

6.21 Peru TT Over 0.5 goals half unit bet -140
Taking a shot against Argentina. I can only imagine the in fighting right now with Arg and Nigeria looked very good in their last match.


6.26 Nigeria ML half unit bet +500
I think Peru will keep playing hard considering its their first WC in 36 years. Australia doesn't have much offense.


6.26 Peru ML half unit bet +145
Iran must open the game up a little today because they have to have a win to get through. I think they will push hard for an early goal so they can park the bus.


6.25 Iran TT over 0.5 goals to win half unit -120
Thanks Vk and Teed

With Salah playing, I like Egypt to score a goal and win this thing in the 2H.


6.25 Egypt 2H ML half unit bet +113
Made some comments over in the Matchday 3 thread about this one and about my Nigeria ML bet also @ 5/1...


6.26 Denmark/France 0-0 game half unit bet +500