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Looking for locals


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I have been betting on sports for about 15 years now. Used locals at first. Then of course bodog and on to today's online sites. Thing is I was bad sick again and haven't placed wagers in 9 months. As of last summer I had 3 accounts with different online books. Had major problems getting money out with 2 of them so I stuck with just 1. I plan to keep that one open but I love to be able to shop lines with at least another book. Thing is the locals I use to use are gone and I can't find one to save my life. If any of you know or have one I could get in with please private message me. It would help me out a ton. Thanks


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Good luck. I've been searching in the Denver area for more than two years and haven't found anyone. Online books are fine but can still be a real pain. Wish I had the weekly routine back.