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Knockout Round WC Plays


18" Pythons
TOTAL Sides/Totals: 35-23-3 $365
Portugal/Uruguay o2 50/55

France to ADVANCE 75/50
Uruguay to ADVANCE 50/52
Russia TT o.5 63/50

Spain Rest of Game (1-1) -.5 53/30
Spain to ADVANCE LIVE 34/25

Denmark/Croatia o2 55/50
Denmark ADVANCE LIVE 50/50
Mexico +1.25 65/50

Japan +1.5 70/50
Belgium pk 550/216

Swiss to ADVANCE 70/50
England to ADVANCE 200/100
Sweden/Swiss o2 25/25

Swiss to WIN WC 25/1000
Belgium to WIN WC 25/150
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Sammy Meatballs

It's Not A Lie, If You Believe It...
Yeah bro soccer in game is tough to win.

Not enough goals to make money.

Need a high volume sport where you can bet volume and win over time


18" Pythons
And all my baseball winnings gone on this shit, wtf is this BS?!?!

Got the Japan original play won.

Got over confident and burned!!! FUCK!

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