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KJ World Cup 2018


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My future interest against Mexico is probably no different than you future interest against the Cubs I guess...they're the US biggest rival, their fans are all over the place here, every time the US play in PHX it's against MEX and 90% fans are for Mexico, etc....I don't want them to advance. Would I feel bad for them? Hell. Fucking. No. But that's not necessarily why the bets are against them.

If they don't make it through, there are two other teams that won two games also...and sorry I've not been overly impressed by a team that was borderline limping into the WC in pretty poor form, played what appeared to me to be a very lethargic German team in that match that MEX should have won by 2-3 goals, looked pretty pedestrian against a Korea team I vastly overrated and allowed the Koreans to score, to win that one by only one goal....they aren't as great as what everyone seems to be thinking, at least they haven't been in these eyes.

If they don't advance, they will truly have themselves and themselves only to blame. Hell the ball is in their court today. But if they've been that great, they wouldn't be in any position to lose via tiebreakers.

All that said, glad you're enjoying the WC, leggo Germans!

Lol fair enough. I’m little different than most cards fans, I actually root for the scrubbies in playoffs if we not in it or after they knocked us out!

I hear what you saying tho, I remember how annoying the Mexican announcer was when watching the Mexico/s Korea match. If they that unbearable I can only imagine the fans! Me and my woman were trying to figure out how the hell so many Mexicans got to Russia? That a long trip on a raft! Lol., great call fading them today, wasn’t able to watch as I’m not able to many during the week but following on my phone when I could seemed they absolutely got choked that one away! Stinking Germans gave them a pass tho, can’t belueve how bad Germany stunk this WC and how I kept backing them thinking it was gonna change! Dunno who Mexico will play next but do feel like I’ll prob be fading them till they get beat maybe???


Mexico play Brazil lol...would take a lay down job by Neymar and co to not put up at least 3 (guessing double)


Ugh all this Colombia have to win chatter, guess I'll go in on the total as well....press the panic button please and watch Senegal speed counter. Not such a fan of side and total if I can take the team total but Senegal sitting at o.5 -165 for me so just gonna play the match total. Can't wait for this one.

62055 Senegal/Colombia o2.5 -102 2*


62088 Panama/Tunisia o2.5 -101 8*
62088 1h Panama/Tunisia o1 -102 4*
62089 Tunisia tt o1.5 -110 4*
62088 Panama tt o1 +135 2*
35810 England/Belgium o3.5 cards +120 2*

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