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KJ WC Quarters

+41.75 WC

2873 Europe continent to win -260 2*
3007 Griezmann top goal scorer +1200
3014 Lukaku top goal scorer +1600
90691 Lukaku top Belgium goal scorer +175
91251 Lukaku top Man United goal scorer -225
91303 Lukaku top Premier League goal scorer +700
91347 Mandzukic top Serie A goal scorer +700 .5*
90696 Mandzukic top Croatia goal scorer +300
2606 Belgium to win the Cup +650
2614 Croatia to win the Cup +1200 .5*


62004 Uruguay +.5 -119 4*
62006 Uruguay/France draw +215
62625 Uruguay to advance +165 1.5*
62004 1h Uruguay/France u.75 -118 5*
62007 Brazil/Belgium o2.25 -126 4*
62008 Belgium +.25 +107 3*

62009 Brazil/Belgium draw +225 .5*
62632 Belgium to advance +155 2*

62008 Belgium tt o1 -115 3*


62002 Croatia -.25 -117 3*
62002 Croatia ML +123
62629 Croatia to advance -170 6*
62001 Russia/Croatia o2 +100 10*
62002 Croatia tt o1.5 +135 4*
Mandzukic anytime goal +200

34995 Russia/Croatia BTTS +120 1.5*
62002 2h Croatia -.25 -110 4*
62002 2h Croatia ML +135 2*
62629 Croatia to advance -115 8*
62010 Sweden/England o2 -111 4*
62011 England ML -119 2*
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I like it...any news on Cavani? Guess they have some time to get him right
Apparently he was struggling to put weight on the leg today but they're still convince he can be fit by Friday, no tear at least

Guessing there will be a bit of hyper therapy the next few days
62010 Sweden/England o2 -111 4*
62011 England ML -119 2*

I do not expect this to be a slow paced game. I also don't expect Swedes to get away packing em in. Unfortunately, it's kinda hard to expect England to be great....so it's come to this. Should see at least a couple goals, as always with a total of 2 anything in the first 30 minutes you feel good about it. Sweden in the quarters....England in the quarters....what could possibly go wrong?
Brazil fade, Belgium I believe is the best squad left and show chemistry

I've said it a million times over I don't believe in the S American teams and while I know Brazil has that 2014 chip on their shoulders, and the Waffles consistently waffle, I love the talent/chem

Let's play ball here...if it comes down to penalties, you prefer Brazil? I don't. And I believe Brazil back line can be had moreso than Belgium anyway...Keeper advantage goes to Courtois. It's no worse than a coin flip imo, juicy number to advance for me.


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BRA has been the unquestioned favorite ever since GER and ESP went out, not sure i buy that but i have been really impressed by their defense. I agree BEL has the horses to compete on offense, though I do worry about them defensively even if the BRA offense hasn't been impressive.

Don't know Allison too well, but agree Courtois is who i'd want in penalties and that price would be glorious in that type of crapshoot.

I guess the waffles gon waffle is stuck with me and part of me feels like their talent from club soccer doesn't translate to the national team. I expect to play +0.25 so will be involved in some fashion, just would prefer the draw meaning a victory as i'm not sure they even get that
And GW, France was actually my team to back about 6 months ago, have had to adjust...sometimes daily

Mind you I was big on Brazil, largest wager of the tournament against MEX, but a big part of it was the opponent and the super situation where so many were on MEX balls when they are still...Mexico and Brazil first KO match since being humiliated on home turf

Fwiw I'd back Brazil against any team other than the three I mentioned but they aren't w/o flaws


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for the whole history two teams are worthy to become champions,
This is Hungary of the 1954 model and the Netherlands
but nevertheless they could not
62001 Russia/Croatia o2 +100 10*

Yes, I'll be on Croatia team total as well...this is made a large wager given the card situation, no one wants to miss the semi so it could well see open play and disruption at a minimum. No juice, this is a no brainer imo. Russian games go over, and this opponent is a dog that can and will hunt.

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All I know is I’m connected to the universe again.

I was googling about eagles spiritual significance because I saw 3 eagles circling over me last Saturday.

went outside 45 Mins later and I was in a parking lot and sure enough an eagle was flying above me. I was like damn it’s a sign. I’m connected. Spirits are communicating with me to keep on searching for wisdom and truth.
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History is old. Time to write new story. Like Lenin did when he killed the Tsar. That was new governnent for Russia. Time for new Czar in football.
my friend says so:
there are teams,
who learn to play basketball
but never unscientific
and those that know how

this can be dedication to other sports,


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GL KJ, like that over for sure. Sound logic.

Seems like a sucker bet but that Belgium/Brazil over 2.5 still sitting at plus money. Any thoughts? Looks too good to be true, but I am pretty sure Brazil has allowed a single goal so far. Granted, less than stellar competition and Belgium is the best team they've played without a doubt.
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I got over 2.25 when it came out, so of course I like having that 2 cushion, looks like 2.5 is sitting at -102 for me atm

Guess we'll all assume BEL will play 4 in the back as they should unlike against Japan but Brazil aren't as strong in the back as the stats say (my opinion, as mentioned the competition) and pace will be there. I expect the Belgians to be plenty athletic to find several shots and I'm not as high on Alisson as many are it appears. I expected Brazil to curb stomp a very pedestrian Mexico side and well, they looked somewhat pedestrian themselves.

Seems I've at least gotten the best of the numbers...leggo Croats! Don't think I've hit one player prop yet this WC, hopefully Super Mario can bring one home

62002 Croatia tt o1.5 +135 4*
Mandzukic anytime goal +200
34995 Russia/Croatia BTTS +120 1.5*