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KJ WC Finals Weekend

record later


62004 Belgium/England o2.75 -125 10*
62004 Belgium/England o3 -107 5*
62004 Belgium/England o2.75 -118 5*
62104 Belgium to take 3rd -150 4*

62004 Belgium -.25 -104 4*
62004 Belgium ML +129 2*
62004 2h Belgium/England o1.5 -120 10*


62001 France ML -106 3*
62002 Croatia tt o.5 -140 4*
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I will watch and assess if it comes to extra time

Unlike you I've got no live betting but will have an idea 60 minutes in I think


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Gotta wait for lineup to come out for this, no?
From my pov no.

I was not very high on the English to begin with. The Belgians know how to play.
England not able to score out of play, but good from dead ball situations. They played conservative throughout and yesterday showed they couldn't shift into an extra gear after the equalizer. On the contrary they buckled and then folded in OT.

The Belgians faced tougher competition in their half of the knockouts, showed resilience against Japan, Balls of steel against Brazil and from my played the to be champs in France. They play quick and deadly, can be physical.


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As has been mentioned, the over or 3+ goals have been money forever. In a tournament this weird I could imagine this trend is broken, but it might just continue.


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The Final is for France to lose.

I think France should get this done. They have the sting of losing to Portugal on home soil 2 years ago as learning experience. They always did what was necessary in this tournament with magnificent defense, lightning quick strikers on the counter, not Giroud :). They showed heart coming back against the Gauchos, even though they suck, then adding on just to be on the safe side. Also they managed all games in regulation.

The Croatians are on a high, showed they will fight til the end plus anything is possible in a final BUT they played one FULL game extra due to 2 penalty shoot outs and the extra time win yesterday. There at the end you already saw the fatigue. They have one less day to rest. World cup final adrenaline can only take you so far.
I’d imagine Belgium/England is played like a friendly. Prob lots of chances for both sides. Over 3 seems reasonable.

Croatia has to get tired at some point, no? 3 straight games going 120 minutes. Plus France should be able to pressure them and not let Croatia dominate the midfield.
I'm less concerned about Croatia and noodle legs than I am about desire on Saturday! Remember, disappointed England played on Wednesdday….Thur, Fri anger and then this?
Ironically all this action, I don't like tomorrow much at all...prolly do something stupid but like my positions I guess
Not positive to lose 30 f'n units on an historically low scoring consolation match, not like the chances weren't there but losing is losing, can't make excuses. It sucks.

62002 Croatia tt o.5 -140 4*