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KJ 2/18 Holiday Plays


There's basically nothing going on today outside of soccer, even the CBB games are snoozers really, so going to play today. Guess I woke up to something about a La Liga matchup and have spent a few hours looking into the matches today that I think I know something about. One is a tail I'll identify, usually don't post tails.

FA Cup

Chelsea to advance over Man United -165 2*
Chelsea ML +101

Probably a low scoring game so going to back the home team in case it goes extra time and penalties. Chelsea are lucky, this huge FA Cup matchup, Europa matchup at Stamford Bridge, League Cup against City Sunday at Wembley. Three pretty big matches in a week but don't have to leave London.

La Liga

Athletic Bilbao ML +131 4*

They are very close to relegation zone yet are not really close to being a relegation team. On the road against the bottom feeders, this is the value I want, Bilbao need the 3 points and I think it's not a difficult 3.


Nurnberg +1.25 -124 5*
Nurnberg tt o.5 -140 1.5*

This is a complete tail from twitter of someone knowing some high roller is laying +1.5 on Nurnberg for over 100k at various lines, reason that line isn't available anymore but I'm playing. Dortmund just got their will squeezed out by Spurs, now have to go on the road to this, the last place team on the table? Um ok, love this. Even better, who's next for BVB? Home this weekend against Leverkusen, big match to hang at the top.