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Jets -4, 1.1/1

Awful line and I would never play -4 during the regular season when I could've had -1 earlier in the week, but this one is pretty easy to see imo.

Falcons just shaking off some rust with this one and figuring out position battles deep down the roster right now.

Jets meanwhile, have 3 guys who think they can win the starting QB job. The franchise will also give Teddy real reps as they want to turn him into trade bait. Darnold with carefully scripted plays against a defense playing many guys who won't even make NFL rosters doesn't hurt either. This should be a cozy 21-10, 24-14 type game. Shitty team last year too, with Jamal Adams saying this week that a lot of guys last year were complacent -- whether right or wrong I expect the Jets to set a tone for the rest of camp tonight.

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Jets got 3 QBs vying for the starting spot. Knew Mccown would see virtually no time tonight as they really want Darnold to win the job and Teddy B to look good as they try to get trade value for him. No way they keep all 3 on the roster.